Love for the Seychelles


Love for the Seychelles
"Experience luxury, comfort and space... a sophistication to make you feel truly at home."
Achim Leiss - CEO 

One Bayview is my love letter to Seychelles; a paradise adorned with white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters where you truly become one with nature.
There is nowhere else alike, prompting emotions that inspire the passion for preserving the unspoilt beauty.Our luxury residences are more than an investment. They offer a high quality of life, entwined with all the perks of comfort, class and sophistication.
With One Bayview, I invite you to discover for yourself the personal journey that brought me here, to the place I call home.

I have many reasons to feel fortunate. Without doubt, along the way, there's been a lot of hard work, dedication, support but most importantly LOVE. Born in Germany in 1960, who would have thought that in 1998, after having travelled the world, I would fall in love with these islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean? Yes, the Seychelles! I fell in love and now I'm here to stay! I belong here!
I decided I should contribute to the economy of my newly-found home. With my previous experience in the yachting industry, Angel Fish Luxury Crewed Yacht Charter was born - the first for the Seychelles! I also partake in other ventures such as opening diving centres and property developments in different locations of the Seychelles.I am forever thankful to Seychelles for being the place where I met my wife and soul-mate, Angy. It is the place my two children, Kaylan and Avril have been born and raised. Angy was born on the island of La Digue and raised in the Seychelles. She therefore ensured the kids grew up the island way.

It is said, that behind every successful man, there's an equally successful strong woman. I can proudly say, that this statement stands true for me. Without her support taking care of our young family, l would not have had the opportunity to develop my dream here. I will always be grateful towards my family - Angy, Kaylan and Avril.
The Seychelles allows you to discover or reinvent yourself. It will rejuvenate you... love you, in return it asks for nothing. Every day is a beautiful day here, whether it's picture postcard sunny or a tropical rain. The more time you stay here, you will feel it, you will discover the same passion. These tropical islands are indeed paradise, but to those that live here, it's far more than that.

The Seychellois heritage is an incredible mix of cultures. It is evident that this colourful unique nation has the ability to live the legacy of cultural diversity and with that, create peace and unity. At One Bayview I wanted to connect a luxury lifestyle with the spirit of this community, inspired by traditions and values of the past... a respect for our home and each other.I was not born here, but my spirit and my heart were long captured by the islands. This is what love for the Seychelles means to me and what, in every detail, is written into the story of One Bayview.
Welcome to the Seychelles, or as we say in creole: Byenveni dan nou zoli pti zil,
Achim Leiss