Sir Michael Adams in his studio


Sir Michael Adams in his studio
I don't want to go anywhere else; I've got the Seychelles!

Sir Michael Adams, one of the Seychelles' best-known artists has been living and working in the Seychelles since 1972.
" As an ambassador to Seychelles I welcome you to my studio with pleasure.
Michael Adams famous painter - but only because of you lot, without you I wouldn't be famous! Thank you!

I came to The Seychelles in 1972 to escape Idi Amin in Uganda, who was causing a lot of trouble for my friends. Before coming here, I was teaching at Makerere University in Uganda, in the school of fine art. I had been there for five years, then when my students left, after the fourth years, I felt that I should leave also.

We talked about Seychelles and how it is a wonderful place, so I came here, and it was!
It turned out to be the place I wanted to stay and have been for 46 years now.
I came here to rest before going back to England. It was so great here, I couldn't leave!

I sent for Heather, who was teaching in Nairobi. She came, we got married, we planted some trees... and never left!

As a philosopher said, when you plant mango trees, you have children and you belong - so we definitely belong!

It is easy enough to stay here, free from the cold, which gets you down and eats into your bones. Here I dress light - and never wearing a tie, suits me down to the ground!

It's a good place... the nature here, it's just fantastic.
If you can just live alongside nature instead of cutting into it and spoiling it, then everything's okay!
The people here a positive outlook in life, laughter is very important to them. If you go to the river where they're washing, there's always a lot of laughter.

Seychelles is a great place to find peace of mind, easier than anywhere else I think... that's why people come back, sometimes two or three times a year, if they can afford it.

That's good enough for me. I haven't left in 12 years.

I don't want to go anywhere else;
I've got the Seychelles!"

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