Dining á la Créole

Food is primordial to understanding the history of the Seychelles. Being a key position on the spice route. Seychellois gastronomy is a melting pot of cultural diversity, inspired by all those that have settled upon these shores and called them home.

With African, Chinese, French, English and Indian influences blending with the Seychelles' own Créole heritage, the Islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue offer and electric Island cuisine flavoured by a unique sense of history.

A heritage handed down through generations

To experience an authentic taste of Creole, need look no further than the most renowned local cuisine restaurant. A landmark in Seychellois food culture, the centuries old building is a classified national monument with a menu that has remained largely unchanged for almost five decades.

Celebrating the freshness and quality of our local product, here you will find traditional Kari Sousouri (Bat Curry) amongst the many unique recipes the Marie Antoinette has helped preserve for the rest of the world to enjoy.

You can't truly get a taste of the Seychelles without rum. The La Plaine St. André estate dates back to 1792, beginning its long history as a spice garden and eventually becoming the home of the Takamaka rum distillery. At the newly restored plantation house restaurant, visitors exploring the Islands rum industry can sample traditional dishes with a contemporary twist.

As you can imagine, there is a fantastic cocktail menu, showcasing the unique taste of rums distilled on Mahé. Pair your favourite with authentic food created with pride, passion and a love of fresh, local ingredients.

Reflecting the multicultural nature of the Seychelles, La Scala serves Italian food inspired by local Creole influences, interpreting their adventurous, authentic cooking style with the warm, genuine flavours of Italy. This, along with its fantastic location, has earned the restaurant a reputation as amongst the finest in the Seychelles.

La Scala represents the journey of Italian Chef Gianni Torsi and his wife, Silvana, whose passions for Italian food and island life blend to create a unique dining experience.

Simply, the place to be, day or night, where a stylish beachfront destination becomes the most romantic of settings when the sun goes down. Watching the sun set into the horizon from one of the island's most unspoiled spots, Del Place is a lifestyle oasis where the day and night meet and the unique sights and tastes of the Seychelles come together.

With a local, team giving you the warm welcome of authentic créole hospitality, you can experience a modern restaurant ingrained with a cultural touch.